Thursday, September 30, 2010


So with the hair trial coming up.. I have some ideas of what I want. My hair day to day literally looks like this:

Straight up on top of my head. I usually don't even brush it. Word.

So for the wedding. I want to do a more uhm classy version of this. More than anything, what I want at my wedding is to feel like myself. I get soo annoyed when my hair is down and it's just not me. So yeah. Here's what I was thinking:

Really like this one. So my style:

Haha this one is from some sort of korean/chinese/japanese teen magazine baha. But I do like some of the up do's. Especially the big one in the center right.

Heidi Klum Oscars hairstyle


But my concern is with my veil..

Accent Poof Ivory Veil  by starz selection

How will that work with my hair exactly.. hmm.. I hope the hair lady comes up with something super clever.


The veil has been purchased! I got this veil..

With this flower:

Grace II Ivory Peony Bridal Hair Flower with Diamond Center

I'm sooo excited! We are going for a trial hair run on October 9th. I'm hoping at least the veil will be in by then (I don't think the veil has to be made, just shipped. Whereas the flower has to be custom made.) so I can keep that appointment and get a good idea for mah hair.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shoe saga continues.

So since the $225 shoes aren't going to happen.. I found these three:

I think I like the first ones best ($115). We'll probably get them next week since I really need to make sure my dress doesn't have to be hemmed. I wish we could have gotten the other ones.. sniffle. But oh well. Guess life goes on. Some people can't afford shoes so wtf am I bitching about?

And so now the hunt begins for a short partayyyy dress for when they kick us out of the reception venue at 11. Looking for something like this:

Image 4 of ASOS Sequin And Jewel Dress
Image 1 of ASOS Sequin And Jewel Dress
Image 2 of ASOS Sequin And Jewel Dress


Saturday, September 11, 2010


Just saw this over at someone's blog. Love! I wonder how much this costs.. hm.. I ask you this, who doesn't absolutely adore smores? Hm?


And then as favors the guests get this:


Veil decision.


So we made an appointment with Bella Vista to go and try on some different things (jewelry, veil, ect.) along with the dress. And we bought a pair of earings and are currently decidings between our two favorite veils. Here are some pictures:

Option 1: Short veil.

Option 2: Longer veil:

I can't stinking decide! We got the earings, LOVE. But I'm still really confused about the veil. I think I've almost decided on the short one if only because it's more comfortable to wear to the reception. I'm just not sure how i feel about having it in the front for the ceremony.. I kind of like the traditional for the ceremony but the smaller one is like $300 and the longer is like $200.. can't get both. Debating about getting a cheaper longer one, or DIY-ing it, and just getting the short one for the reception. But then we'd have to put the second one in ourselves.. and that might not work so well. I kind of trust a professional more. Egh who knows. We shall see.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shoes and veil.

Dan, you may not read below. Mk thanks!


... But they're $225.. soo yeah. Probably not gunna happen unless I can convince dan to give them to me for a wedding present or something. BUT THEY ARE SO FABULOUS. I AM OBSESSED. STRAIGHT UP. OBSESSSSEEEDDDD. Love.


Really like all these options:

Side-Swirl Birdcage Veil in Tulle

Side-Swirl Birdcage Veil in Tulle[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

coming up roses - bridal veil

We're going to Bella Vista Friday to try on my dress and see how the veils and jewelry ect looks. Haven't bought anything except dress yet. I'm interested to see if I like these veils on me and with the dress.. hm..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What am I doing with my life?

So I went out with Amber Tuesday. That did not end well. I drank way too much and don't remember the last half of the night. Apparently we left Pizza Joint, where I drank about 5 high gravity beers and half a slice of pizza and went to a bar down town called Grandmas. I don't really remember any of that. And apparently I started dancing on the bar and then promptly fell off the bar. Awesome. I am so flipping sore I can't even explain. My sides ache and my shins are bruised along with my ankles. My back is covered in knots. Ugh. Awful. Here are some pictures.. that I don't remember taking..

Guy on the right is a kid we went to school with.

I came home and told Dan that I didn't know why I liked him. What kind of person does that? I am so ashamed. Needless to say I'm not going to happy hour again for a while and obviously I'm not going to Laura's for the game tonight. I really can't imagine getting drunk again. I still can't believe that I did that. And that I don't remember anything after Pizza Joint. I threw up all Wednesday and still feel shitty today. Not cool. Dan had to get off work for an hour to take me to pick up my car and go take a test that I forgot I had to take. And I didn't make it to the toilet to barf so I threw up all over the bathroom floor. Awful. Had another test today.. barely made it though that one. I am so ashamed.