Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ohh lord today.

6:00 am: Wake up, pour coffee, have two sips before getting dan to help me take the dogs out.
7:00am: Getting dressed for class
7:30am: On the way to class. Morning traffic. Annoying people.
8:00am: Test in Human Sexual Behavior (PSYC 300).
8:45am: Leave classroom feeling defeated.
9:00am: Dan texts me about getting new car insurance. FML.
9:30am: Oophie (grandmother) calls to remind me about taking her to the doctor.. for the 10th time in the past 3 days. Wants to know if I'm awake yet. UHM YES, I HAVE BEEN UP FOR A WHILE NOW.
10:00am: Pay water bill. Paid $150, still owe $62. Bill is in dads name and he doesn't seem to want to transfer it to us.. so I have to go pay in person.. and am often late.
10:20am: Leave to get Oophie for her 11:00am appointment.. she wanted me at her house by 10:30.. the place is literally a 10 minute drive from her house. Or mine.
10:40am: We arrive. And wait. Oophie talks about black people trick or treating (whilst an African American woman sits infront of us). Oophie talks about how large one woman is. Whilst woman is in ear shot. And other larger woman is definitely in ear shot.
11:00am: She gets called back. There is a God.
11:15am: I remember I got a bill for my last appointment, like a week ago, and my insurance should have covered it. So I go ask to speak with someone. And do. And it wasn't cleared up. That reminds me.. I still need to figure this out.. grr.
11:30am: Nurse comes out and explains to me my grandmother is past due for a mamogram and I should probably be keeping up with her doctors appointments seeing as she's too old to do that and doesn't remember when she's had them.
11:45am: Call mom and have to scream at her due to low signal in the OB/GYN's office.. the other patrons so loved that. She tells me to go ahead and make an appointment for Oophie, so I do.
12:00pm: Leave doctors office.
12:05pm: Arrive at bank so Oophie can do something and get me a roll of quarters for the meter (SWEET). She told me it was the next turn like 234545654 times. We made it safely.
12:15pm: Publix to pick up her prescriptions. This take a hot minute because Oophie somehow manages to convince the lady she's Lucy. Le sigh.
12:30pm: Walk Oophie to door, head to psychology study for a point of extra credit.
12:45pm: I am early. FML.
12:50pm: The people get there. Take impossibly boring text where I read paragraphs on a screen with my head on one of those things where your chin rests on one piece and your forehead on another? Made my back hurt. Took an hour.
1:40pm: Leave study, pick up snacks at Russel House. Sugar free Redbull and cashews.
2:00pm: Class. Forgot my notebook. Had to borrow paper. Ran out of paper halfway through lecture. Didn't care. Just stopped taking notes. Trying not to fall asleep.
3:30pm: Having made it back to the Barnwell building, I prepare for another study for extra credit. I'm early, appointment is at 4. Call mom, get nasty looks at people for being loud I presume. Take the convo to the hall, stick my hand in a cobweb trying to sit down. Le sigh. Convo over.
4:00pm: Take another study. Not as horrible as first. Lady says I did really well on some parts :)
4:40pm: Leave study. Walk to car. Ticket on car. Curse a little bit. Make a U-turn and head to the chiropractors office.
4:50pm: At chiropractors office. Tired. They have an extra sheet of paper work for me to fill out. Yay. Receptionist is mean as usual. Beeyatch.
5:00pm: Massage part of appointment.. ahhh..
5:15pm: Traction, ahhh...
5:30pm: Get called back. Chiropractor says I look "grown up" because I'm in jeans and heels. I don't know weither to be flattered or not? Do I usually look like an awkward tween? Probably. She cranks on my neck. Gunna be sore.
5:50pm: Head home. Dan's texting me wondering where I am.
6:00pm: Home. Take shower, get in jams, pour glass of wine.


And I did this all in 4 inch heels. Why wear heels? Because my grandmother thinks I'm fat and I was trying to look skinny. I thought I'd have time to run home and change at some point. HA. Shoes in question, totally worth it. They made my jeans go from looking like this:

To this:

Oh what's that? You can't tell the difference? STFU.


Things to smile about today:

1. Got to see Marcus Lattimore.. hims so cute. What's that? You don't know who he is? FOR SHAME. He is the lovely young man attending my fine university who is up for a Heisman this year. Swoon. He was late to class though. He always is. Think it's because he doesn't want to get dry humped.
2. Coming home to clean crates thanks to the hubs. Idk what I would have done if I had to do that today as well.. well actually I probably would have just done it. But nice that I didn't have to!
3. Didn't wake up to dog poo this morning :)
4. I'm not pregnant :)
5. Massage.. ahhh...
6. Wine... ahhh...
7. Victorias Secret jams and a hubs who makes money so I can buy them. And a part time job so I can buy them.