Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whole 30 Challenge. Day 1.

Started whole 30 today. I'm hungry. That is all.

I made a version of my favorite salad to cheer me up a tish. Few people have asked what's in it/how to make it so I documented it this time. Basically it's a bunch of veggies shredded and put into a bowl. When I'm not doing whole 30 I add feta cheese and dried cranberries. The good kind with added sugar. Ohh the good ole days..

Anyway, this is everything I put in it: 

So that's raspberries (in place of cranberries), pears (I only used one),
broccoli (I used half of what's shown), and the star of the show - brussel sprouts.

Oh except for the chopped almonds that were toasting away. Mmm.. as Rachael Ray says, "Your nose will know when they're done." Ohh yeah.

Anywhoser, then you step over your dawg who is a total ham and wants you to love and feed her and take pictures of how beautiful she is. No such luck dawg. 

Damn it man! Fine. You win this round.

Anyway, after that you will peal the first layer off the brussel sprouts, this isn't really necessary but I do it because they have weird spots on the first leaf. Exibit A:

Then cut the heads off two stalks of broccoli and mandolin those guys. When that's done, start mandolin-ing the sprouts. This part is annoying. Sorry about that. Then you cut your pear into chunks and mandolin that as well. The pear seems to want to stick in clumps so I stop periodically and break it up so I don't have huge globs of pears at the end. Then you're done mandolin-ing! So add the toasted almonds and you're almost done. At least the messiest part is done. Oof. What mess.

I thought that looked kind of boring so I added to chopped raspberries. I guess I'm used to have the pop of color from the delicious cranberries. Oh sweet deliciousness.

But anyway, then you're going to take some preserves or jam or whatever. I used some jam that I got from the farmers market with no added sugar. I was going to use apple sauce because I thought that would be better but no dice; it had a lot of added sugar. Damn you high fructose corn syrup.

You're almost done! Now just whisk that with some olive oil. If you're cool you'll have a super fancy whisk like me.

And then you get this bowl of goodness. Though admittedly not as delicious as when you add sweetened cranberries and feta cheese. But still, not bad.