Friday, April 29, 2011

Five things.

1. Beer. Said it before but I can't help it, it's just awesome.
2. Pizza. Pretty awesome as well.
3. Summer. Well, I guess technically it's spring, but this weather is BEAUTIFUL.
4. My mom. Love her more than most things.
5. Blankets. And being able to afford them. We have super cute blankets, fuzzy green ones, game cock ones, quilted ones. Good for snuggling on the couch.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Five things.

1. Not being sick anymore!
2. Our attic fan.
3. Getting mail.
4. Having a gym membership.
5. A shower.

Been sick! Sooo sick! Ugh. Some kind of stomach bug that I started feeling during the Easter church service, great timing! Then I came home and took a short nap before heading to Dan's aunts.. and vomited! Twice! Hoorah! It was splendid. Then everyone thought I was preggers which was even more super duper awesome. But anywhoser, I am better now, yay! My five things will now resume. Love.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Five things.

1. Freshly painted nails and toe nails.
2. Warm and beautiful southern days.
3. Clean sheets.
4. Coffee.
5. Cable.

Tomorrow's easter.. what shall I wear?! Did my nails in "Barefoot in Barcelona" by OPI. Love.

Friday, April 22, 2011

five things

1. The village. Whenever I need someone to talk to I have not one, but multiple people from multiple perspectives to talk to.
2. Husband. He will stop anything if I tell him I need him.
3. Beer. Makes me feel better. Always.
4. Money to afford beer.
5. Good health. Working out makes me feel so good about myself and I am so thankful I am healthy enough to do that.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Five Reasons.

Saw on one blog I read that she has a friend that does another blog who writes 7 things she loves about her life every day. Went to that blog and it died around november 2010.. RIP. I do think it's a good idea though. So many people don't realize all the things they have to be thankful for and it's quite upsetting to me. I mean really people, come on. Oooh boo hoo you're life is just so awful because you you're so fatttt. Get over yourself (P.S. I totally do this too, so don't feel bad.). I figure this way I can stop being one of those people.. as much? Here goes nothing.

1. My husband knows how to fix all things computer and he will stop his games to help me.
2. I have not one but two houses.
3. Even though my dogs get on my nerves I love them and they love me. Doggy love.
4. My husband can afford to pay our bills.
5. I am so fortunate to be able to go to school that I take it for granted and get annoyed by it.

I'm only doing 5. Remember I said 7 a day blog died? Maybe she shoulda just done 5..

P.S. Today was quite annoying.