Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Raw food cleanse.. fail. I haven't lost any weight. To clarify, I didn't really do all raw foods. For example, I still had milk. Our milk is pasteurized there for not raw (nothing can be heated over 116 degrees). And for lunch today, greek yogurt. Again, pasteurized. But and last night for dinner I had lentel soup, which was probably cooked before it was canned but then I heated it up again. What up. I'm a total fail. I do feel like I'm cleansing something out of my system though because I feel like I'm detoxing. I'm kind of getting cold sweats. It just randomly feels like the temperature has drastically changed. I don't know, it's really weird. I'll attribute this to lack of meat and still a good portion of raw foods. Like a peach and apple I had for snack/desert last night. And the spinach salad I had with olive oil and vinegar for lunch yesterday. So yeah.. not a total loss. It at least got me eating healthier. I guess I need to set some kind of crazy standard so then I'll just do a step down from that and it'll still be pretty good. I suck but oh well.

I also ran this morning.. woo hoo! And I'm still doing the tracy anderson method an hour a day 4-5 times a week. I did that yesterday. Not sure I'm going to do an hour of TAM today on top of the run. Going out with amber after class so you know.. priorities. And in case there's any doubt, this means the cleanse will be thrown out the window for pizza and beer.

Maybe I'll go take another picture and compare the two just to see. Doubt there will be any change in what, 2 days? Patience grasshopper.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm thinking about doing a raw food cleanse.. I haven't decided yet. Well I have decided I'm going to try it but I have commitment issues.. and I am for real wondering if I can still go to girls night wendsday and have vodka and lime? I mean it's raw.. and it's clear.. and better than beer right? Idk. I have got to do something though. Took pictures of me in exercise shorts and a sports bra as a "before" picture. Not sharing it because it was terrifying. For real.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feta, spinach, noodles, extra virgin olive oil.

Ladies night.

Was last night, love wendsdays at pizza joint. Can't beat $2 vodkas! My mom had a super bad day so she came too (for one drink.. yeah we all know how that goes), then invited debbo. Amber was all late and shiz. Gah. What a loser. My mom ordered shots.. it was a good time. Pictures:

The beginning..

The end..

Good times. Please excuse my work out attire. I was over getting all snazzed up. Don't worry.. we didn't bother people because we were in the corner.. Oh and there was like a friggin monsoon going on outside. We totally kept trying to leave but then ordered more drinks because we can't drive in a storm, duh. Oh, and don't you love ambers "pepper spray"..

It's totally a pocket rocket. She can't fool me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spork in the road.

Registered for classes at Midlands Tech today. I feel like such an epic FAIL. I'm waiting in line with little girls in pig tails and sucking on their lolly pops texting their bffs! Like omg! I can't believe I've managed to end up in this situation again. Graduating from high school a year early and going to tech to transfer to USC? Not something to be ashamed of. Managing to fail calculus three times and getting told FUCK YOU by your university, definitely something to be ashamed of.

I am not sure of anything that I might possibly want to study for the next year or two.. much less the rest of my life. So far the options are, clinical dietican, occupational therapist, environmental science (anywhere except USC), some sort of health science degree. The break down goes like this:

Health science: At Chicago State University they have a BS in Health Science offered. Looks like I'd have another two years or so after this semester.. which seems awful. I've been in college three years already. you've gotta be kidding me.. there's also the Arnold School of Public Health at USC that offers a BS in Public Health. This looks way worse. I'd have to take about 20 more hours of chemistry (which was awful for me, even though I love it) PLUS all of these guys:

B. Required Public Health-Related Major Courses (36 Hours)

C. Program Selectives (21 Hours)

Courses selected with approval of the undergraduate advisor. Pick courses from the 2 groups:

Group A (12 Hours):

BIOL (200 level or above), CHEM (400 level or above), GEOL (300 level of above), PHYS (200 level or above)

Group B (9 Hours, all at 500 or 600 level):


Anyway someone would please shoot me in the face now?

In order to be a clinical dietitian I don't know what the fuck I have to do. I've googled it and looked at a bunch of different universities sights that either don't offer anything close or don't explain what I'd have to do. It looks like I'd have to come up with some kind of random degree just to get my ass out then take some kind of certification kind of like a nurse does. Idk how I feel about that. I want to get the fuck out now. I hate school and i want to be DONE DONE DONE. And that seems like the kind of thing I'd have to get a msters for to really progress ect.

Next option: Occupational therapy. I am not going to grad school. First of all, I'd never get in anywhere. My GPA is approximately a .000000001 right now. I can't get in anywhere without about hmm idk 10 more years or school to pull my shit up. THEN grad school? No thanks. But, some colleges/universities offer bachelors degree in OT. That I could handle. For example, here is the course break down for chicago state universities program in occupational therapy. So looks like about hm 3 more years? My senior and then the two graduate years. Maybe more depending on what transfers. Remember, I live in SC. So moving to chicago is not a small task. I am getting married and I'd have to convince my very stationary future husband to move.

That still leaves Environmental Science. I'm fairly certain everywhere that offers that needs you to at least pass calculus 1. Which shant happen for me. I've resigned myself to this face. However, if I do find a university that offers a major in environmental science or perhaps environmental studies I think I'd have anywhere from like 40-80 hours left. Again. Seems like an insurmountable feat.

I am lost.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh man.

This has become my favorite saying. Recently I just can't stop saying, oooh man.. man oh man.. There just seems to be so much crap going on. And I don't know what I'm doing with mah liiiiife. My brothers ex girlfriend apparently doesn't mind her new boyfriend texting my brother randomly talking about how she's sucking his dick now and how he hates all of us.. Err what a loser. That's like trailer trash crap right there. Some people.. oh man..

I still need to register for classes. Not sure what's going to be left. Not sure if it matters though since I have no clue what I want to do with my life so the classes are kind of a moot point. I've been following this blog of a Mormon lady and it makes me feel like kind of a shitty person in general. I have premarital sex.. I drink to excess.. I cuss a lot.. I LOVE caffeine and basically a lot of toxic things that I ingest. And I kinda don't think I'm that horrible of a person. But I think all Mormon people are just so sweet and they always seem so happy and confident in themselves and their life. And I'm really not. So they must have something going for them? Maybe they have the right idea.. even though I kind of completely disagree and could never live their lifestyle. I don't even have faith that there is a God. So what does that say about me? Yeah. I'm going to hell. Great.. I mean I kind of don't care but obviously I kind of do since I'm thinking about it and maybe even worrying. But I worry and think about a lot of crap that is generally unimportant and I usually don't do anything about it. Because I am a poon. I hope this makes people feel better about their lives haha, love.