Thursday, July 8, 2010

Porch tables.

I got these super cute tables off craigslist for $5! How I got them is a long sad story though. More on that later. Look at how cute they turned out!

Origionally the price was $10 when I said I was interested but then I spent a lot of money at target (where I got the lights I put up earlier) so I just felt like since I wasn't super in love with them I'd pass. But when I explained that to the lady selling them, she lowered it to $5 for both. Steal! However.. they were pretty darn ugly when I got them. They were an ugly light wood but they kind of looked like the tops were made out of cork board or something. But I figured, meh for $5 I could use the same paint we used for the office, the planter, and the table I made the other day and if I hated them.. I could just give them to goodwill or something. All the stains and such got covered and any dents aren't very noticeable now with two coats of paint. Woo hoo! I'm going to mark this down as a win.

Mk, so the long sad story about the tables? Well you know how today was the hottest day of the year? Like 100 degrees or some shit? Well yes. This lady lived 28 minutes away from our house.. and I spent an hour driving around trying to find it. I got lost 3 times. The first time, I came home and got new directions that had me take the interstate as apposed to going through town. I was supposed to meet the lady at 2. And this was at 10 'til 2. So while I was running around getting the new directions printed I emailed the lady and told her I'd be there at 2:20 and please excuse my retarded ass. So I get back in the car, make it to the interstate.. get off and then I get lost.. really lost.. again. When all else fails.. call Dan. So I did. I told him round about where I was and he busted out googlemaps (I'm assuming) and got my ass where I needed to be. Apparently I was supposed to turn left on one street and the street had two different names.. to the right at the intersection it was called Kinley, to the left of the intersection it was called Kennerly. I was supposed to turn onto Kennerly.. I saw Kinley.. Now I ask you, who the fuck names a street two different names like that? Ugh. Retarded. But yes, an hour later, I found the ladies house. Then made it home with only having to turn around once! Woo hoo!

Porch lights.

I bought some lights at target yesterday for $10 a piece so today I went to work hanging on the porch. Woo hoo!

This is what they the porch looked like to start with.. yes it's very messy. Get over it.
Note the dogs watching my every move.

Dude, these things were seriously set up in this cardboard holder. It was crazy. You had to individually rip the cardboard between every bulb.. tedious..

But once I got it out I laid them down across the porch to make sure they'd be long enough.

The first string went like 3/4 of the way around the perimeter of the porch so I knew they'd reach. Later I realized I should have had more of a game plan before I started. More extra than I had anticipated.

But anywhoser, I got out this step thing that Dan's dad got him for christmas. And it was a lifesaver! Because it was long I didn't have to move the step with every staple.. that would have been sssssuper annoying. I was already getting annoyed by many other things doing this so that may have pushed me over the edge.
Here's the little step thing:
This is what they looked like up:

I just used a staple gun to staple in between all the lights. I debated about doing every other or something like that but I was afraid of them falling down onto someones face while we're having cocktails on the porch.

But like I said, I should have had more of a plan because when I got to the end of the perimeter of the porch there was a bunch left over. I thought about going over the door but I had already started stapling down the side. So instead, I just gook it across the chair rail thing for extra light next to the grill:

After I got that done, I went and got a little extension cord to plug these beauties in.

And then.. there was light.
Haha yeah, not very impressive. And there's two lights above the door that didn't light up. SAD. I am going to post a picture later of the lights at night.. I'm excited!

AAAAnd here we go:

YAY! I lurve them. GORG!

Friday, July 2, 2010


So I am equally exhuasted today as I was yesterday and wendsday. My back is starting to hurt from moving Joyce (lady with MS I'm helping) around. But it's worth it because I heart her very much. She didn't tinkle on my foot today which is good. Today she had to go get her hair done but we were late getting there because she is having people over for dinner (spaghetti) so we (I) had to pick up the house a little bit. She is so funny about how particular she is. She wants the pen on the left side of the stack of papers.. not the right.. It's funny because I feel like that's how I would be too. It must be so horrible to feel so trapped inside your own body. Especially when you're so young at heart like she is. And I mean really, 65 isn't that old. When we finally made it to the hair place (about 20 minutes late) the girl that does her hair was so cute about us being a smidge late. And the person who let us go instead of her helped us inside the door because there was a huge bump from the side walk to the doorway. I'm beginning to really notice how un-wheelchair friendly the world is. I was able to sit and text my mom, read a magazine, and take an ibeprophin for my back while she was getting her hair did. Once that was done, we had to get back into the van, another huge task. We worked together how we have learned to do over the past 3 days which basically means I set her hands where she can hold on (the door and the oh shit handle) and then I put one leg up at a time. But every time I went to go put her left leg up she felt like she was twisting her shoulder. About 3 tries of this (and a ton of sweat) later, someone from the salon came out and picked her up and put her in the car. I wanted to do this the whole time but I just couldn't do it. So then I felt bad. After that it was 12:30 ( I was supposed to get off at 1) but we still had to go by the bank to get money for the hair lady and my money for the week. So we pulled behind one of the drive through lines.. and it was taking forever. So I reversed and got into another line.. still taking forever. So I get back where I was.. lady send back what she had been waiting on. I hit my head on the steering wheel repeatidly, and move to another line. Then wait.. and wait.. and wait.. aha! Our turn! So we pull up. I send the check through the little tube thing. And now she wants Joyce's ID. Joyce starting saying, "Oh for gods sake why do they need that?! I've done everything but give birth in this damn line!" And so the lady on the other end says nevermind, haha. So we get the money, go back and pay the hair lady then head home. I have to give her lunch and then set her up on the couch before I go. So we get home, and she has mail! So I grab that, and sit her down for lunch. We chit chat as usual, it's not 1:40. She wants to smoke a cigarette before she lays down. I'm exhausted. But I lurve her so go outside and I am really quite enjoying the weather and the comfy outdoor chairs. After she's done we go inside, she has to tinkle. Mk fine. So another 10 minutes later we are finally back in the living room and I pick her up and put her on the couch. Get the tv set up, hand her all the remotes, give her the phone, her chapstick, and cover her up with a blanket and then alas I am free to eat lunch with my momma!

But she'd already eaten. So she just takes me to eat at Jimmy Johns. I am obsessed with their veggie un-which lately. YUM. Then we go to target because I had money that was burning a hole in my pocket! I was (still am) in a great mood. I got $30 worth of things! That's a looooot of money. But good stuff. A sleep set, socks, a shirt, and leggings. Then we head home to put or shit up and go get a BEEERRRRRR! YUMMM! Omg that beer was so effing good. ksbgkdsgbkbg. I had been wanting it alllllllll day. I kept telling Joyce how happy I was to go out tonight and she told me to drink a beer for her, haha I love her.

That was my day, I'm exhausted and headed for bed now. xoxoxo.