Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long couple of days.

The other day I picked the first sweet banana pepper off my plant in the planter I built for the patio! Isn't he cute?!

And yesterday, I went to Amy's to help clean clean her house. I feel bad because she's always so friggin busy. She Works from like 8-5 then takes a full load of classes. Home girl is crazy. But yeah, on top of that she is planning her friends bachelorette party and being her maid of honor which is work in itself. Yeesh. I think it freaked her out that I asked if I could go clean her house. Like I was asking for something in return. But I really just wanted to help her out a bit.

I brought all my cleaning supplies over and I vacuumed and swept the living room, mopped the kitchen and bathroom, cleaned the inside and outside of the microwave, cleaned the stove and toilet and dusted errything. I wanted to do more but the little sucker hose on my vacuum wasn't sucking very well so I couldn't do the furniture and I was cramping really bad from my damn period. Hate being a woman. Hurr is all my cleaning supplies ready for action.
Today I went to help my moms friends friend who has MS. Her regular care taker is taking a month long vacation so they needed some help around the house. Soon as I got out my car the husband said, "Those are green toes." Here are the toes in question..

I think they're CUTE. A little greener than I had anticipated but whatever.

Back to the lady. She was really sweet. I thought she was a really cool little lady. Poor thing couldn't even get up by herself, I hope my back doesn't hurt tomorrow so I can keep picking her up. Her wheel chair was just barely able to move around the house with all their large furniture and small door frames. I was nervous the whole time I was gunna wack her on something. Her feet were like blue and swollen, I wanted to ask if they hurt but I didn't want to be rude. I'm curious about what happens when you have MS because a girl I went to high school with got diagnosed with it not too long ago. She'd been married before and divorced before her current marriage. I told her she's gunna have to give me marriage advice and she said she'd hook me up, haha. We watched movies pretty much all day, weird movies.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Save the dates.

So I didn't build anything today but I did work with Dan to DIY our save the dates. I heart them oh so much. Hope everyone else likes them too. They will be printed out and turned into magnets to be mailed but here's a sneak peak:

Thanks to photoshop, younghouselove and my trusty camera, we just set the automatic timer and took a few pictures with various signs until we had four we (okay.. I) liked. Then Dan basically took over the photoshop part and shrunk them down, did something with ratios.. and stacked them like that. Then he made them black and white and added the text at the bottom. Woop woop, I'm excited.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well, I started and finished the headboard! It was a bit more work than I had anticipated and I didn't realize that batting was $14 and that didn't even cover the whole thing but it's all good. I realized when I got home that (this is going to sound icky) we have leftover carpet padding (you know, the stuff that goes under wall to wall carpeting) from when we ripped up the carpet in the house to replace it with laminate.

Here's the carpet padding under the plywood after I cut it:

The foam only covered the top 3/4 of the strip of plywood so I deded to use it anyway and just put the less padded part behind the bed so it goes a little further down behind the bed than it otherwise would of.

Here's the regular old curtain that we had left over when we took the curtains down from the 3 windows we have in our bedroom. We used two of them for the guest bedroom and now I used this one for the headboard! It works out so great too because it matches! Woo hoo!

Here she is right after I staple gunned the foam and the carpet padding on it:And now.. drum roll please... headboard!

Right now I have it just sitting on the end of the bed frame behind the mattress because I need my man to help me hang it. My idea of having the less fluffy part be behind the mattress worked out pretty great I must say. Hopefully it'll keep things from falling behind the mattress ect. But anyway... isn't it so cute?! LOOOVE it. I tested it out and it is super soft and plush. Love.

Words to the wise: Wear some sort of protective eye wear when cutting things with an automatic saw.. there was a lot of dust all up in my eye balls the first cut I made to the plywood. And also, make sure your staples in the staple gun are long enough.. mine just barely worked. Some popped right out.

And next.. sanding and painting the furniture!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guest bedroom update.

If you remember what the guest bedroom looked like last time..

There is obviously a lot to be desired.. like a bed. But hey, beggars can't be choosers, I get that. But now.. here's the new guest bedroom:

I think those lamps are so badass. They look like little antennas for the bed. I know antenna isn't really the look most people are going for.. but fuck those people. Those lamps are cool.
Complete with a bed! WOO HOO! Gotta love family giving away free things! Tomorrow I am building a headboard via plywood, extra curtain (matching the two hanging in the pictures), some batting, and a staple gun! Then when I'm done with that (shouldn't take too long) I'm going to sand and paint the furniture that my grandfather gave me. You can see the bedside table and chest of drawers in the pictures. I think white would be pretty with the wicker inlay.

EEEK! I'm pretty friggin excited. I made Dan lay down with me on the mattress when I got everything set up and admire the lovely room we now have for guests! I heart it sooo much! I would totally stay there. Which is why I'm excited I guess. I feel bad having guests stay in sub-par arrangements. We even have spare pillows and linens in the chest of drawers for the guest, should they be in need. Awesome! And all FREE FREE FREE. I'm a cheap-o I know. What up. I'm hoping to paint the whole room the same dark chocolate color that's in the guest bath to have a more unified look.. but I think I'm pushing Dan a wee too far as it is so I shall just hold my horses. More to come!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I need a job so friggin bad! I'm going to go apply at target tomorrow and hopefully after all the applications I've put in this one will actually get me a job. Maybe I'll call the cleaners too and see if I can just make them give me a job.. eghhh. Our vacuum is broken now, it like barely suctions. Of course Dan really couldn't care less. He barely had a vacuum when I moved in, it was this little $10 thing that hardly worked. I think my only hope is to get a damn job and pay for one myself, not that hard except I can't find a job! I feel like people just think I'm some lazy piece of shit becaues I don't have a job but I have been trying! Geeze louiseeee.

I have to go to tech tomorrow too and figure out what all needs to be sent in for me to take that summer class. EGH. I'm scurred. I need to make like straight A's to get myself out of this mess I've made of my academic career.

What I dream about:

Friday, June 11, 2010


Why is it that you only seem to get sick when you have something to do or something that you're super excited about?! I could just SCREAM. Except it would be quite painful. Had 102 degree fever for exams last year. And now, just in time for my engagement party.. I'm getting sick. Ugh. Mom's been sick for a while so I'm assuming I got it from her or we got it from the same person. Hopefully she'll be better today so there's hope for me. We usually do lunch every friday but I don't think I'm going to make it today. I want to sit at home and drink green tea until I can't stand it anymore. Then take a sleeping pill at 8pm and get some niiiice rest before the big partay. I can't help but wonder.. will I be sick on my wedding day..?

Ugh, sickness is no fun. I couldn't sleep so I got up at like 4:30 and dan still won't be up for another 30 minutes. Sigh. Not that it matters because he has to work. If I had anyone following I'd ask for tips to feel less shitty. Boo hoo for me.

But more importantly I'm excited to get presents!!! I know some people are getting some even though it's not necessarily necessary. My grandfather got me the CUTEST apron from the gourmet shop, it's is bright turquoise and then matching mitts, one the same color and one hot pink. How cute is that?!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The happenings at the hizzy.

Whew! I'm exhausted. The past two days I've cleaned out and organized the pantry, mopped the laminate floors, dusted the laminate floors, cleaned and organized two closets, cleaned two toilets, vacuumed the living room, cleaned the patio, switching the bookcase and my desk to opposite rooms to convert the guest my office into the guest room, moved the dog crates into the office, cleaned the baseboards in the new guest bedroom, washed the blinds in the kitchen, living room, guest bedroom and office. WHEEEEEEEW. In the next few days I plan on cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the bedroom, washing the dogs, putting curtains in the new guest bedroom, moping the kitchen and throwing out random crap and donating to goodwill.

Didn't take any before pictures but I'd probably be too embarassed to show them. Here are the afters though!

I forgot to mention that I've been changing out these regular switches to paddle switches! I just feel like they're nicer and way easier to clean so I'm super excited to have the whole house switched over!

Dan's side of the office and that DAMN taz he flat out refuses to put anywhere reasonable. Ugh.

My side of the office.. candles and art.

Clean pantry!

When you walk in the door to the new guest bedroom!
If you're wondering about the random table.. I wanted there to be some kind of table for guests to use just to set their things on and for the ladies to do their make up ect. And since that was the only table that even sort of works.. there it is!

The official bed area!
Now I'm just DYING to have a real bed for it since we have a whole room dedicated to guests who want to have a good nights rest. But oh well, some people don't even have houses much less worried about their guest bedroom. All things in perspective people!

Yeah I know not super organized but clean and there is some semblance of order.. can't say the same for the way it used to be.

Look at those spotless blinds!

I swear I don't know how people with kids manage to do all this crap all the time and then take care of a friggin screaming monkey. I'd be dead. My back is already aching but I can't help myself I just feel the need to clean and organize. Never have I felt this way before for this long. Maybe it's because after a hiatus from school I'm going back on the 24th so I feel like I'm running out of time to get things done? I don't know, maybe I'm just finally pulling my weight in this house.. pft who am I kidding I've always done the majority of housework.

Going to meet with Amy and Caralee tomorrow for dinner! I'm excited to get dressed up and get out, it's ladies night at the Pizza Joint!!! $2 vodkas here I come!!!