Monday, July 25, 2011

Posting more often.

I am going to become a blogger. Damn it.

Today I was LAZY. But I did make granola from scratch with this recipe except I used raw cashews, almonds, some other kind of date, walnuts and cranberries. So in effect, I really didn't follow the recipe at all. And it definitely tasted like it. So then I made bread in our bread maker which turned out good as it always does. Then I felt like a fat ass and took one of our diet pills from the store I work at and felt like poo poo for the rest of the day. those things make me feel like I'm dying. I swear. but I do loose my appetite. Probably because I think I'm about to vom all over errything. Or like I'm dying of a heart attack. One of the two. Or a combination. I'ma go with a combination.

Not looking forward to going around town and handing out business cards to scrape up some more business for the store. Le sigh. Worst part of my job. But I love getting PAID. Money is awesome. I'm such a gold digger.

Still haven't finished thank you notes. I suck at life. The end.

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