Sunday, October 14, 2012

Money money money money.

MONEY! (Anyone get that?)

Probs not. Aaanyway, Dan and I were watching some show last night called, "Till Debt Do Us Part" and we could NOT believe the crap these people were saying. They didn't know how much they made in a year, they didn't know how much they were spending per month or how much it costs to have a baby (after they'd already had one and were preggers with the 2nd?!). I don't understand how people can do that. I am very thankful to have married a man who puts our financial future first. Sometimes I get annoyed at him going through credit card charges and asking what x, y, and z are and what it qualifies as ("honey, would you say that trip to target was mostly or groceries?") so he can put it in his little pie chart, but I know he does it because he cares. Granted, I'm kind of like that too, but Dan is much more detail oriented than I am. And I mean really, I'm not even pregnant or want to be pregnant but I have researched how much babies cost (prenatal care-first year) and want to have that much saved before getting pregnant. Sooo.. how do you have one and not know how much they cost? Bitches be crazy.

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